Photography has committed suicide in self defense.

In the begining there it was the Light and Magic with Niepe, not Louis Daguerre, but that will be for the next time. The world was frozen!

So magic was reduced to a few magicians. Those magicians took american native to us, American Civil Wars battles and the first man on the Moon!

A man called Ansel divided light into zones so every light was where it should and so Beauty.

In France another magician put every person where and when he or she should be, with the help of God and its secret shape.

Geometry, time, dedication, devotion and passion took magicians to inmortality and pushed many others to the search of it.

But now all those values were lost and not just that but worse, deliberately left behind.

Maybe the excess access wore away the sacred gold plated ivory.

The simplicity and over-accessibility to the media have banalized the whole process as well as the so multiple final results. Social networks has sown the egos of all of those who have never heard about sonnets, chiaroscuro, allegro, movement, cross or just history telling... like dying of an autoimmune disease. Now Photography is being atacked by its own creatures and the almost absence of itself is the only way to preserve; a future resurgence of Photography is the only reason for this kind of suicide, exactly when the more lovers it is supposed to have, the lower its real presence is felt.

Why Black and White

In the search of long lasting images I found out that the more information is given, the shorter life the image has, for this, black and white provides less information than color and also long exposure technique do.

Long exposure technique requires advanced composition skills but also further knowledges since each film reacts in a different way to light. This is called Reciprocity Failure.

About Composition

In Black and white Long Exposure Photography compositional elements are reduced to the maximum in the sense that, for instance, clouds disappear to become a texture that covers an entire area. The same occurs with sea or leafs. Even with people.

This is why photographers have to specially deal with"negative spaces".