Giving Face

Once again, after a couple of years away from competitions, for the most prestigious photo contest in the world I'm contributing this year with Quality instead of "creativity" or "artificiality", staying myself faithful to classical rules; defending traditional film process instead of high technology gear, for this liturgy provides an added value, adds a piece of soul, my soul, to the final image.


Cloudy Skies

This photograph was made in 2015 using my Hasselblad 501CM and a 200o series 80mm Planar Carl Zeiss lens without shutter so to shoot, a ND filter had to be attached and exposure time calculated. This is the way I like to work, with just light and time and playing with them.



August 2016. I remember this shot as a very difficult one. Also using my Hasselblad but this time I chose a 80mm lens but with shutter for I wanted to capture the fisher and I was placed in a moving dock.



October 2016. Once again, faithful to my Hasselblad and my 2000 series 80mm lens, "stopping" the sea my aim was to direct the viewer attention to the game the path plays, like a snake in the desert leaves the "S" trace on the sand, so the breakwater was surprised doing.